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A pirate's life sooner or later finishes with troubles. This rule works even in the game Buccaneer Slots. A bandit with only one hand had been trying the fortune for many years. There was no man to catch him; there was no ship to overtake his ship. All his treasures were hid on a remote island. Last time he was sailing towards that island a tremendous storm held up his ship, which was full of money and began tossing on the waves. Several hours passed but the nature was still in bad mood. Nothing could discourage the pirate but after a powerful crash his crew was washed overbroad and he found himself on his island, he realized his fortune left him forever. Now he is on the island surrounded by treasures, palms, miles of deep water and ferocious sharks with no chance to leave this place. What an awful end of a pirate's career! But for you this is a start of an absorbing game! From this very moment your adventures begin. You have got a chance to win money in a game with pirate only by pulling a handle. Be careful, he does not want to share his treasures with you. The designers of this game give you an opportunity to enjoy the unique graphics of a likable game space and guarantee the maximum pleasure from the game. Just put a bet, pull the handle and the chest with treasures is yours!

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